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Steve Flint - Author

Steve Flint is the reader of many hundreds of books and author of Honest Everyday Cooking (depending on whether you think this is actually a book).

He worked his butt off for over 40 years and, like many of us, finally retired without nearly enough money but with some residual sanity and the love that brings everyone together and that is Honest Everyday Cooking from the heart.

Steve now lives near Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Juliet, and three dogs which are named Jake, Elwood, and Willie respectively (making 16 pairs of legs under one roof which is a lot of legs).

His days are spent doing what he loves; reading, listening to music, fooling around with computers, other geeky things, visiting with friends, drinking bourbon after 4:30pm while thinking pure thoughts and... cooking!

Steve agrees with W.C. Fields about Children; with C.S. Lewis about Christianity; with Billy Lathey about most Texas music; with Winston Churchill about Learning; and with Billy B. about everything else...

Steve earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Elmhurst and a Master’s Degree from Trinity International University, back when those things were hard to get and so was that pretty girl at the cosmetics counter.


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