Special Thanks


This book could not have been possible without the love and effort of the following people:

My Wife Juliet

My Wife Juliet

Juliet, without whose suffering, none of this would have been possible. She ate it.
She criticized it (oh yeah!). She shopped for it. She commented, objected, demanded, and insisted.

Ultimately, she approved most of it, whilst still emphatically refusing to touch, smell, or taste, the tuna noodle casserole.  Many thanks for your patience with the project. More cookies!  More cookies!

Billy B.

I dedicate this small effort to Billy B.,
my best friend and fellow cooking enthusiast, who well deserves the acknowledgment and who can cook beans with the best of them (not an easy thing to do).

I just hope he continues to always answer the phone, and the questions. The guy actually makes croissants!

Billy B.
Sir Kingsley Amis

And Finally...

In Memory Of:  Sir Kinglsey Amis, a misanthrope, drinker, and true grump - in other words, a man after my own heart- who wrote a collection of essays which in spite of some very necessary (and true) teachings, succeeds in being very humorous indeed.

Mr. Amis knew a great deal about booze and about mixology, as we would probably call it today. I don’t pretend to know as much about food or cooking (not even close), but I can relate to the introduction of Everyday Drinking in which Sir Kingsley states:

"The present little book, although needless to say frighteningly authoritative, is, for reasons explained elsewhere, not comprehensive, at least so far as its recipes are concerned."

How can anyone say fairer than that? So, here’s to Kingsley Amis. God bless him, none like him. If so, damn few!


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